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The increase in distance education programs and institutions, and questions about extending financial aid to them, has given rise to questions of whether accreditation is an adequate means to ...

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Are Online Degrees Treated the Same by Employers

Today, many people have the opportunity to follow college courses online because of the proliferation of computers and email. They can then receive a degree from a college by ...

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Education In Armenia

EDUCATION SYSTEM IN ARMENIA In our days, the existing educational system, namely general primary-secondary education and diversified professional education, Higher Educational as well as Scientific Institutions have enabled Armenia ...

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Rethinking Teacher Education in the 21 st Century

In most higher education institutions today, teacher education remains uncomfortably situated. It is too often an embarrassing subject of academic discourse, reflecting unresolved dilemmas about its intellectual stature. Although ...

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Risk Management - Acute Care Hospital: Nursing Documentation

Introduction The issue of documentation of patient care has received considerable attention in the past few years for a variety of reasons. Trends in society such as increased consumer ...

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The Current Status and Possible Future for Education

The greatest commonality among university-based teacher education programs is their diversity. (Levine, 2006, p. 15) Throughout the history of formal teacher education in the United States. There has always ...

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