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External Operating Environment Wk 2

Evaluate the organization's external operating environment Bout 280 words

Apple’s External Operating Environmental Evaluation

An external operating environment is a critical part of any business because it adds needed elements to ensure that a company’s long-term plans are practical. External operations typically consist of uncontrollable aspects, such as competitors and governmental policies. Unfortunately, no one can predict the moves and actions of competitors. However, Apple created a lasting reputation for themselves as an innovative multinational company. Apple has continued to be a leader in developing and marketing stylish and trendy products of more high quality than their previously featured versions.

An example is the multiple and ever growing number of iPhones, including apps that contribute to Apple’s iPhone music player success. Opportunities within the external operating environment consists of

· Consumers within Retail, Wholesale, Government, and other businesses

· Apple attracting more technology savvy and into technology’s next innovation customers.

· Loyal Apple iPhone customers pre-ordering or camping outside of stores on new IPhone release dates.

In the past, dangerous toxins were found in many electronic products. However, Apple along with other tech companies still strives to reduce environmentally harmful effects of toxins. Apple is still susceptible to further threats in their technical environment. The following are some of the threats that Apple has and continues to face:

· Phone’s warranty policy issues and lawsuits.

· Renegade stores selling unauthorized software online.

· Samsung continuing to create comparable models to the iPhone.

· Cyber malware/virus attacks.

· Loss of ITunes profits because of free music and video downloads

(Wk3 Work)

The internal environments of a company consist of vision, mission, weaknesses, and strengths. Therefore, through internal ...


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