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A Successful Event

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A Successful Event


Nowadays, there are lots of people facing the poor and unfair problems in Hong Kong and all over the world. In order to solve those problems, the Special Administrative Region Government (SAR) in Hong Kong has considered developing fewer days event called “Charity Cruise Opening Days ~ Life is Meaningful” hold in Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Kowloon in Jun, 2013.

1. Aims

There are several purposes of holding this meaningful event, they are:

1) For the person who is economically & politically marginalized enjoy the first time cruise experience in Costa Pacifica Cruise and participate in Charity Carnival

2) It is a chance for cruise fans to visit and observe the cruise

3) It could attract the rich or compassion person and donate money to the charity organization like Oxfam International

2. Our Missions

There are several missions of holding this event, which include:

1) We hope after held this event could co-operate with Hong Kong Tourism to make it as a official festival

2) We hope the Charities Donations could raise their money and donate it to the person who is economically & politically marginalized

3) We want to introduce cruise is the other way of traveling, it could travel everywhere and more cheaper than airplane

4) We want to bring out the communications either the workers or the public people, celebrity

5) We hope all the participant could enjoy and share the cruise and carnival experiences

6) We hope all the participant have fun

A successful event requires identifying and analyzing strengths, weaknesses in that event. Also, it needs to identify those potential environmental opportunities and threats. In the following, they are the SWOT analysis of this event.

S- Strengths

If we held this event, we could find that there are three strengths, they are ...


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