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90's Computer Trivia

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90's Computer Trivia

90s computer trivia

More 90s computer trivia questions and answers.

What game system, the first to come equipped with a modern, clogged up phone lines in Europe as many purchasers got online for the first time?

A: Dreamcast.

What computer outfit's ad 1984, run only once during Super Bowl XVIII, did TV Guide declare to be the best commercial of all time, in 1999?

A: Apple's.

What Apple media file format became the basis for MPGE-4 files?

A: QuickTime.

What did critics dub the glitchy USB "plug and play" feature of Windows 98?

A: "Plug and pray".

What file-sharing software was named for creator Shawn Fanning's frizzy hair?

A: Napster.

What high-tech upgrade did the New York Times dub "$90 Worth of Duct Tape" in 1998?

A: Windows 98.

What was the first fast-food restaurant to offer patrons 20 free minutes of Internet time?

A: Burger King.

What Pixar release was the first feature film to be entirely computer-animated?

A: Toy Story.

What high-tech mogul appeared on a 1995 cover of Time headlined "Master of the Universe"?

A: Bill Gates.

What website did the founder of the Echo Bay Technology Group register, when he found that was already taken?


What U.S. state capital's space-age new airport was plagued by software problems that kept dumping baggage all over the basement?

A: Denver's.

What company, while still called AuctionWeb, registered its first sale when bidding for a busted laser pointer topped out at $14?


What search engine did Digital Equipment Corporation develop to manage its old e-mail?

A: Alta Vista.

What does the "W" stand for on a WAP phone?

A: Wireless.

What type of computer programs did the Dark Avenger Mutation Engine promise to make more powerful?

A: Viruses.

What computer accessory did Apple try ...


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