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Approaches Related To Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

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Approaches Related To Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Approaches Related to Artificial Intelligence

In the quest to create intelligent machines, the field of Artificial Intelligence has split into several different approaches based on the opinions about the most promising methods and theories. These rivaling theories have lead researchers in one of two basic approaches: Bottom Up and Top Down.

Bottom-up and theorists believe that the best way to achieve Artificial Intelligence is to build electronic replicas of the human brain in complex network of neurons, while the Top-down approach attempts to mimic the brain’s behaviour with complex programs.

1. Neural Network and Parallel Computation

The human brain is made up of a web of billions of cells neurons, and understanding its complexities is seen as one of the last frontiers in a scientific research. It is the aim of those AI researchers who prefer this bottom up approach to construct electronic circuits that act as neurons do in the human brain. Although much of the working of the brain remains unknown, the complex network of neurons is what gives humans intelligent characteristics. By itself, a neuron is not intelligent, but when grouped together, neurons are able to pass electrical signals through networks.[pic]

Click on the Image and Go to the link that appears below the image.

Research has shown that signal received by a neuron travels through the dendrite region and down the axon. Separating nerve cells is a gap called synapse. In order for the signal to be transferred to the next neuron, the signal must be converted from electrical to chemical energy. The signal can then be received by the next neuron and processed.


Warren McCulloch after completing the medical school at Yale, along with Watlter Pitts, a mathematician proposed a hypothesis to explain the fundamentals of how neural networks made the brain work. ...


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