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21 The Movie

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21 The Movie

1. Was there agency in that film? If no, explain why. If yes answer the following questions?

A. What are the characteristics shown by the actors for saying that there is agency?

B. If there is an agency, who is the principal who is the agent?

C. What are the respective goals duties of the principal and of the agent

A. Yes there is an agency because there is an agent and principal relationship. Also as classification of an agency as to manner of its creation it is express because the agents was actually authorized orally by the principal to play blackjack on his behalf. Moreover as to agency’s character it is compensated or onerous because the agents receives compensation in terms of commission to the pot that they have gathered playing blackjack in the casino at Las Vegas.

B. The principal in the movie was Micky Rosa Math professor of MIT University and the agents were Ben, Jill, Choi, Kianna, and Fisher students of Micky Rosa.

C. The goals duties of the principal were to teach his five agents how to count cards and techniques not to be caught cheating in the game of blackjack. Also he serves as financier for his five agents and has earned money without stepping inside the casino. For the duties of the agent was to learn how to count cards and learn some techniques how not to be caught cheating and they serves as the limbs of the principal because they play and count cards in the game of blackjack to earn money for there principal and get compensated.

2. Did Ben portray the core values of San Beda College Ora et Labora

No he did not because he chooses to earn money in a fast but dirty way and that is ...


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