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Adjusting To Terrorism

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Adjusting To Terrorism

Adjusting to Terrorism

University of Phoenix


Criminal Justice Administration

Bill Whalen

October 25, 2010

Since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, there is an uneasy feeling among the people of the United States. There are so many questions surrounding that tragic day. Could things to prevent the attacks been seen? Can law enforcement agencies implement procedures and policies to ensure that it does not happen again? Will the people of the United States ever feel safe again? Government implemented the Department of Homeland Security to help answer some of these questions. What can local law enforcement agencies do to help the Department of Homeland Security? This question and some possible answers will be the topic of discussion.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employs 35,241 employees who include 13,853 special agents and 21,388 support professionals (FBI: Quick Facts, 2010). The combined state and local police officers in the Unites States are approximately 661,500 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010). The support staff is even more. State and local police departments have a significant advantage of officers, who know and patrol the area, over the federal agencies. Less federal officer cover a greater area and are less knowledgeable about the area. There is also a greater ability to collect intelligence on terrorism. What these state and local officers lack is training and funding. “The FBI has an annual budget of $7.9 billion, spending $618 million in program increases to enhance our counterterrorism, computer intrusions, surveillance, training programs, white-collar crime, and weapons of mass destruction” (FBI: Quick Facts, 2010) . The FBI could save money by training and using the state and local police officers to aid in the counterterrorism. The FBI could also train state and local police officers on how to deal with the after-math of a terrorist ...


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