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Allen Ginsberg lysergic acid & mescalin compare and contrast

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Allen Ginsberg lysergic acid & mescalin compare and contrast

Bob Dylan once said, Allen Ginsberg is both tragic and dynamic, a lyrical genius, a con-man extraordinaire and probably the single greatest influence on American poetical voice since Whitman»

Helen Vendler voiced her opinion on Ginsberg, stating, « Ginsberg is responsible for loosening the breath of American poetry at mid – century……. Most of all, he has demonstrated that there is nothing in American social and erotic reality which cannot find a place. His powerful mixture of Blake, Whitman, Pound, and Williams, to which he added his own volatile, grotesque, and tender humor, has assured him a memorable place in modern poetry»

Ginsberg’s poems « Mescaline» and « Lysergic Acid» have several common themes that can be easily picked up from the surface. Upon further reading, the reader can find several key underlying themes.

On the surface, the obvious theme that these poems share is the issue of drug use. These poems to not take a pro or con view on the issue of drug use. Instead these poems were named after the drugs that Ginsberg was using when he wrote them. Mescaline and Lysergic Acid (LSD) are both mind altering hallucinogens, that are said to open one’s mind.

Both poems delve into one’s psyche and make one question their own existence, death, and the afterlife. In the fifth stanza of «Mescaline», Ginsberg asked the unanswerable, eternal question.

I want to know

I want I want ridiculous to know to know WHAT rotting ginsberg

I want to know what happens after I rot

Because I’m already rotting

My hair’s falling out I’ve got a belly I’m sick of sex

My ass drags in the universe I know too much

And not enough

I want to know what happens after I die

Well I’ll find out soon enough

Do I ...


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