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Asking for Help from the Office Assistant

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Asking for Help from the Office Assistant

When you have a question about a Microsoft Office program, you can ask the Office Assistant. For example, to get Help about how to create a table, type How do I create a table in the Assistant.

If the correct topic doesn't appear in the Assistant balloon, click None of the above, look for more help on the Web at the bottom of the list of topics. You will get suggestions on how to phrase a question to the Office Assistant or how to narrow your search by using keywords. If you still can't find the information you want, you can send feedback to improve future versions of Help and be automatically connected to the Microsoft Office Update Web site to search for help there.

The Assistant automatically provides Help topics and tips on tasks you perform as you work - before you even ask a question. For example, when you write a letter, the Assistant automatically displays topics to help you create and format a letter.

The Assistant also displays tips on how to use the features in the Office programs more effectively. Click the light bulb next to the Assistant to see a tip.

You can also select a different Assistant and set it to operate so that it meshes with the way you work. For example, if you prefer using the keyboard to using the mouse, you can have the Assistant display tips on shortcut keys. Because the Assistant is shared by all Office programs, any options you change will affect the Assistant in your other Office programs.

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Getting Help from the Help menu

Just click Microsoft Word Help on the Help menu. If the Assistant is turned on, it appears. If the Assistant is turned off, the Help window appears. To type ...


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