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Assumptions & View of human beings

Biological The assumptions are that it is purely physical. They believe in materialism-mind and body are of one entity.
Man is a biological organism.

Learning/Behaviorist Because of the limited technology to study the brain an alternative arose- focus on how behavior relates to its purpose.
Parsimony-seeking the simplest possible explanation for any event.
Try to understand the conditions under which behavior occurs - focus on the role of experience which is expressed through learning.

Cognitive Processes within the person are considered central to the understanding of behavior
These mediating processes operate in an organized & systematic way, not by trail & error.

Humanistic Behavior must be understood in terms of the subjective experience of the individual. You must understand the person producing the behaviour- including how they see the world (phenomenological viewpoint)
Behavior is not constrained by either past experience or current circumstances.

Psychodynamic Psychic Determinism – the assumption which states that all behaviour has a cause and that the cause can be found in the mind.
Another assumption is that behaviour is governed by a process that lies outside the individual’s awareness.
Another assumption was the continuity of normal and abnormal behavior.
The role of internal processes in shaping personality and thereby behavior.

Theory of Psychological development

Biological Everything is biological, innate drives. There is
nothing else up there! Reflex actions.
Genetic brain which develops at different times. No specific time for certain developments.
Learning Everything is learned. Trail and error. There are no stages, as in Biological. Everything is learned as and when you can/want.

Cognitive Piaget
(Problem Solving)

Humanistic Actualizing tendency- desire to grow.
Need for positive regard
Conditions for growth
Conditions of worth- un/conditional positive regard

Psychodynamic Freud’s 5 stages of psychosexual drives.
Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latent & Genital.
Erikson’s 8 stages of psychosocial development:
Same as Freud’s 5 + 3 more- young ...


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