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Behavioral Science: Problem Solving Simulation

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Behavioral Science: Problem Solving Simulation

Behavioral Science: Week 4 Day 6 Assignment

Problem Solving Simulation

University of Phoenix

How do you interpret the problem?

It would seem in the presence of the owner the animals would not fight, or be eaten, but, when getting the last animal, or trying to figure out how to transport the second animal, this would pose a challenge since if two of the animals would be alone on the other side of the river, they would fight. Each move would have to be taken into consideration and evaluated before any move could be made to ensure that none of the animals would be hurt. Since only one animal could be moved at one time, this partially gave the answer, although I did not see this at first. It is obvious that this can be done without incident; the question was how it could be done , and what steps were needed to complete the move.

What strategy did you use and how did you evaluate your progress?

To evaluate the problem, the restrictions of moving the animals needed to be accessed. Only one can be moved at one time, and either the cat and the dog, or the cat and mouse could not be left on either side of the river together without the owner present. Since there were not any restriction as to how many trips could be made across the river, the scenario started to become clearer. In order to achieve this task, some animals would have to take multiple trips to that they would not be eaten while not in the presence of the owner.

Did you encounter any obstacles while solving the problem?

The cat was the first logical move; it is obvious that the dog and the mouse left alone would not fight. Once the cat was on the other side ...


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