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"The Inspector Barlach Mysteries" Book Report

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"The Inspector Barlach Mysteries" Book Report

Dual Personalities of Inspector Barlach

The Inspector Barlach Mysteries, written by Friedrich Durrenmatt, captures two classic detective stories, The Judge and His Hangman and Suspicion. In both mysteries, Inspector Barlach leads the readers to explore worlds where the boundary between crime and justice seems to be faded. In The Judge and His Hangman, Barlach gives up the chance to arrest a murderer; instead, Barlach manages to manipulate the murderer into killing another man, who happens to be a more elusive criminal. As in Suspicion, by checking into the clinic with the hope of forcing him to reveal himself, Barlach approaches a former Nazi doctor, who murders patients by performing operations without anesthesia, and takes away all their money.

Even though in both stories, Inspector Barlach has completed his mission in which both the criminal cases are cleared up and both the murderers are eventually killed, he plays two completely different roles in the two stories. In The Judge and His Hangman, Barlach is clever and is able to lure the murderer into his trap all by himself, whereas in Suspicion, Barlach carelessly decides to enter the clinic himself where he almost gets killed by the doctor, and has to depend on other’s help in order to escape in the end. Barlach acts and coordinates things so differently to a point that it is almost as though he has dual personalities. By comparing the two stories, The Judge and His Hangman and Suspicion are different in three ways: Inspector Barlach’s plans to arrest the murders, his ways of dealing with the criminals, and the aftermath of the two incidents.

Even though Barlach is dealing with homicide cases in both The Judge and His Hangman and Suspicion, he plans the arrests in totally two different ways. First of all, in The ...


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