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"The Trial" Book Report

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"The Trial" Book Report

Personality Shift and Perception Change

The Trial, a short novel written by Franz Kafka, tells the unusual story of Joseph K., a chief clerk of a bank, who is also known for his success, confidence, and ambition. “One fine morning” (1) on his thirtieth birthday, K. is arrested by two warders for a crime that is unknown to him and the readers. Exactly one year later, on his thirty-first birthday, K. is brought to a deserted quarry outside of town by two other warders, where he is passively killed for committing a crime that remains unknown to both K. and the readers. Throughout the course of the incident, K.’s personality changes drastically. K.’s personality changes due to his increased knowledge of the court system, which undergoes three major stages: first he is convinced that he can fight the court system alone and is very determined to get out of the case, then he starts to desperately seeking for help from all kinds of people, and finally he is very determined to see the end and accept whatever is to come.

When K. first finds out about his arrest, he is very confident that he will be able to fight the corrupt justice system and is also very determined to get out of the case. First of all, K.’s “mind was made up to keep the appointment on Sunday” (32). Knowing that he is innocent, K. is not terrified by the fact that he will have to work hard to win over the court. He is determined to make certain that “this first interrogation must also be the last” (32).

In addition, instead of taking a taxi, K. walks all the way to the court by himself, in an outlying suburban street located in a poor neighborhood. He does ...


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