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Advertising with Signs

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Advertising with Signs

Often called "outside advertising", advertising hoardings have been an extremely effective way of advertising for many years. Not only will you see signs advertising products, but also car stickers, billboards and posters. The list is endless and the method very effective.

Everywhere you go you will see signs and advertisements, billboards on the highway and bumper stickers on the backs of cars. These become so common that sometimes we don't really realize we are looking at them. But the message still sinks in; we read them and remember and a really good sign can really get the point across.

Billboards and Signs

Billboards and large signs are everywhere and they do not have to be as expensive as they once were. You can find, make or buy very affordable billboards and signs to use to market your company or product.

A great way of getting the exposure without the large costs is to rent the board for a short period. This way you get the prime spot without the ongoing expense.

Smaller Posters and Car Stickers

Bumper stickers and posters and various other signs are all over the place. We see them everywhere we go and they can be an excellent and inexpensive method of marketing your company or business. You can often get a great deal on printing these up and you can pass them out to customers or in malls and other public locations so that people can have information about you and your company. This is a great way to initiate word of mouth advertising as well.

Shirts and Other Attire

The list is endless, from pens to boomerangs, your name can be printed on these items and given away to potential (and actual) customers. By giving these items away you are in effect advertising your ...


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